Make yourself conscious of what actually constitutes animal abuse. It is your responsibility to be aware of animal cruelty and how you can prevent it.

Raise your voice: They cannot speak for themselves, but you can. If you see any animal being abused to speak up. If you are witnessing any animal cruelty, call the authorities such as the local animal control, humane society, or the police. If you are ignoring animal abuse, you are a part of it. Remember people who abuse animals are five times more likely to abuse humans.

Respect: Growing up, not everyone is taught at school or at home that animals should be respected. Some think its okay to chain up animals, or to put them in cages. Would you be able to spend your life in one single room? No, you would lose your mind. To educate people otherwise, talks should be given to local schools. You can arrange an assembly or a community talk to raise awareness in your community and your children. If children learn about animal cruelty and to respect animals from a young age, they will continue to do so, and educate others too.

Law: Vote to make change your community. Look for political candidates who support animal protection. Visit or call their headquarters and find out what they have done in the society for animal rights. You can also reach to your current representative, and ask them to spread the word or start an animal protection program. There are laws that state animal abuse to be a violation of the law.

Give: Make donations to local animal shelters and animal protection organizations. These organizations will give more animals a place to live, food to eat, and so they can be cared for properly. If you are short on money, you can always give your time, a few hours every week will help them. You can submit opinions to a news paper, write your thoughts on a blog, or in your social media circles. Be a part of a social project, and help animals. Find some free time and start a fund-raiser in your community to help these animals.

Prevention: Vote with your wallet. Stay away from purchasing products which require animal testing or mammal skin or hair. Do not buy pets from stores or websites. Just visit your local animal shelter adopts or buys from trustworthy breeders. Work with groupsBusiness Management Articles, or organizations that work for this cause. Keep a check on your neighborhood. Tell your friends and family to do the same in their neighborhood. We have no right to exploit animals for our own purposes. We can work and hope that this will provide these harmless and loveable animals a better tomorrow.