Pet waste station will really make your surroundings neat and clean. These pet waste stations can be used everywhere. This is will help the society to build a green environment. Usually a pet waste station has four parts, they are station sign, station post, waste receptacle and bag dispenser.

There are different kinds of pet waste stations available in the market, but one need to choose the right pet waste station. Here are a few tips to choose a best pet waste station. The station sign should clear indicate that it is meant for disposing the waste.

  • Choose durable material

It is preferable to choose the material, which works for a long time. Plastic is the best one to choose for pet waste stations, since plastic doesn’t rust, which can be used for much time and there is no need to replace it again and again. If it is a lightweight metal, then it gets rusty and it should be replaced frequently, which leads to unnecessary expense. If choosing a  heavy weight metal unlike lightweight metal, then it doesn’t require to be replaced, but less durability.

  • Choose fit lids that will not allow water in

They may get the pungent smell if pet waste mixes with water. The lid should be tight enough so that water will not flow inside because of rain. It will create a huge mess and decompose. The lid, which does not fit right or have holes on either side it is not preferable. This will prevent decomposition and this pungent smell will not spread to the surroundings. The bin with right lid will not allow to throw any other waste other than per waste.

  • Bag dispenser

It always depends on the user, generally there are two types of bags, one is roll style bag the other one is header style bag. Roll style bags can be used as per the user requirement, can just pull the roll and throw the waste, the header style bag can be used one bag in one use.  It is just like use and throw and waste is wrapped in a bag. The community with a large group can prefer header style bags than the roll style bags.

  • Station post

The pet waste disposal system should be always reachable to the trespassers, to make free from pollution free environment. Choose the appropriate location to anchor the station post, it should not be fixed near houses or just in the middle of the way where the pedestrians walk. It should be little far and enough to walk and just deposit the bags in that bin. Make sure it is convenient for the dog walkers to reach the bins.

  • Sign board

The sign boards should be very clear to understand. See that station post directions are clearly mentioned on the board. It should not be like the station post is in other place and sign board is in another place. This sign makes the dog walkers to remind them to take their pets.

These all the above information may provide a person all the relevant details about choosing the right dog waste bag station. However, these pet waste station help in maintaining a clean, healthy environment for everyone. Therefore, having a pet waste station helps to create an environment safe behavior among everyone.