You need the right dog storage locker man equipment and patience to successfully crate train your dog. You have to develop a plan of action and stick to it. Consistency is the only way it will work. Your dog is going to want to please you, so through simple commands and positive reinforcement, you will accomplish your goal. The crate can be used for your dog to sleep in, when you need them to be away from others in the household for a bit, or when you transport them.

You want your dog to be comfortable in the crate so they don’t whine or try to get out. You need to start them out with a short period of time and then build up to several hours at a time. At night, you can keep them in there until morning as long as they are old enough not to have to go to the bathroom through the night. The crate can be a great way to help with potty training because dogs aren’t going to use the bathroom in their sleeping quarters.

The Right Size

You need the right size of kennel for your dog. There are various sizes, so take your time to pick out something that works for them at that point in time. As your dog grows, you may need to change the doghouse to a larger one. Ideally, the dog should be able to stand up and lie down in it. They should also be able to turn around in it.

If the crate is too large, your dog isn’t going to feel safe inside it. They need to have a cosy area to be secure in. If the doghouse is too large, they may use the bathroom in it due to the amount of space. When it is smaller, it is very unlikely they will do so as long as you take them out regularly to do their business.


Find a quality crate to invest in, otherwise it isn’t going to last. You will find them made from a variety of materials. Most of them are made from metal and you should put a blanket, dog bed, or towel on the bottom to give your dog plenty of comfort. Others are made out of plastic, but if you get one, make sure it has plenty of circulation for fresh air to enter. There are pop up crates too, but they are best used only for transporting your dog and not for daily use.

What to Put Inside

You don’t want to have too much inside the crate with your dog. Place a small amount of food in there and a tiny bowl of water. Put these in the back area where the dog won’t be likely to step in them or accidentally spill them. Add a few toys to keep the dog entertained. Put in a good fitting towel or bed for them to lie down on. You may find your dog sleeps better at night if you use a blanket to cover the outside of the crate too. visit storage locker man dog for more information