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Month: December 2015

We Are All Responsible For Preventing Animal Cruelty

Make yourself conscious of what actually constitutes animal abuse. It is your responsibility to be aware of animal cruelty and how you can prevent it.

Raise your voice: They cannot speak for themselves, but you can. If you see any animal being abused to speak up. If you are witnessing any animal cruelty, call the authorities such as the local animal control, humane society, or the police. If you are ignoring animal abuse, you are a part of it. Remember people who abuse animals are five times more likely to abuse humans.

Respect: Growing up, not everyone is taught at school or at home that animals should be respected. Some think its okay to chain up animals, or to put them in cages. Would you be able to spend your life in one single room? No, you would lose your mind. To educate people otherwise, talks should be given to local schools. You can arrange an assembly or a community talk to raise awareness in your community and your children. If children learn about animal cruelty and to respect animals from a young age, they will continue to do so, and educate others too.

Law: Vote to make change your community. Look for political candidates who support animal protection. Visit or call their headquarters and find out what they have done in the society for animal rights. You can also reach to your current representative, and ask them to spread the word or start an animal protection program. There are laws that state animal abuse to be a violation of the law.

Give: Make donations to local animal shelters and animal protection organizations. These organizations will give more animals a place to live, food to eat, and so they can be cared for properly. If you are short on money, you can always give your time, a few hours every week will help them. You can submit opinions to a news paper, write your thoughts on a blog, or in your social media circles. Be a part of a social project, and help animals. Find some free time and start a fund-raiser in your community to help these animals.

Prevention: Vote with your wallet. Stay away from purchasing products which require animal testing or mammal skin or hair. Do not buy pets from stores or websites. Just visit your local animal shelter adopts or buys from trustworthy breeders. Work with groupsBusiness Management Articles, or organizations that work for this cause. Keep a check on your neighborhood. Tell your friends and family to do the same in their neighborhood. We have no right to exploit animals for our own purposes. We can work and hope that this will provide these harmless and loveable animals a better tomorrow.

How You Can Help Fight Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty is something that is close to many people’s hearts. Many think of it as an abuse that is akin to child abuse, since animals are also defenseless against the hands or neglect of humans.

It tends to rouse similar anger and outrage as well, and there are now many agencies that are set up to help prevent animal cruelty, and also shelters where rescued animals find solace and comfort from their abusive or neglectful environments.

Years ago, there were not even any laws set up to protect animals from abuse, and abusers were able to get away with doing just about anything they wanted without consequence.

Now, there are animal protection laws set up in almost every state, and if you are found guilty of inhumane treatment of an animal, you are subject to anything from fines to community service, to jail time.

While we’ve come a long way in legislating animal protection laws, there is still room for improvement, as they are not stiff enough penalties in most people’s eyes, and it seems that it’s still taken rather lightly.

While I’m not aligned with the extreme mentality of animal rights groups that preach vegetarianism and use tactics that I don’t deem appropriate to get their point across, I certainly admire what they are trying to do, which is drawing attention to the animal kingdom and getting the word out that our furry friends need our help when they do not have a voice of their own to defend themselves.

One can read about stories of inhumane treatment weekly in any newspaper, and some of the stories are enough to make one nauseous. There are stories of animals left in homes without food or water, in their own waste and crawling with fleas and ticks, stories of farm animals abandoned, neglected, underfed and abused, and horrifying tales of household pets being beaten, starved, deprived of care, and even killed at the hands of the very people who are supposed to take care of them, that all still need to be addressed.

There are some steps you can take to make sure you are not a silent voice in the quest to prevent animal cruelty, you just need to be aware of your surroundings and know what to look for.

You can report any suspicions to the local police, or if you have an agency that works with abused animals, you can call on them to investigate and rectify also, usually the APL (Animal Protective League) and other similar shelters and animal rights nonprofit organizations will be able to help as well.

Some of the signs to look for you may already know, as most people who are animal lovers have a built in instinct for knowing when an animal has been abused or neglected. Many animals who have been physically abused will be hand shy.

They will not want to come near you or any other person, and may be especially leery of their owners or react in an aggressive way toward them or others.

While this does not always indicate abuse, as some animals are just tempered that way, it is a good underlying factor to look at when determining if an animal has been physically abused.

If an animal has patches of fur missing or looks extremely thin, or even if they are overrun with fleas, this may indicate neglect. Another one to look for is animals that you see outside on extremely cold days, tied to a chain for hours without any warm shelter. This is dangerous and can be abuse if the animal does not have a place of shelter to retreat to.

Likewise if they are left chained outside for hours without food or water – water of course being the most vital of the two. Use your judgment, there are always animals that may be acclimated to certain situations, but if you consistently see this, and are suspicious it may be worth an investigation by an officer of an animal protection agency or the police department.

Of course the most obvious thing to look out for is actually witnessing an act of animal abuse. If you see a person physically assaulting an animal, please make sure you report this immediately, as this is the most blatant and obvious form of animal abuse and certainly warrants a report for investigation.

If we all do our part in preventing animal cruelty, we can make this world a better and safer place for our furry friends who entrust us with their life and well being. If we don’t look out for themFree Web Content, who will?

Dog Tags & The Law: What You Need To Know

While dogs have always been considered ‘mans best friend’, in recent years dog owners have spent increasing amounts on flashy personalised collars and tags thanks to the rise of brands such as www.doggietags.co.uk.

However a high number of dog owners don’t actually know exactly what information their dog’s collar or tag is required to show by law.

And not knowing could turn out to be a costly error for dog owners, who could be hit with up to a £5,000 fine if their dog is not wearing a correct ID tag.

So what does the law say?

What you need to display

Here in the UK, since 1992  have been regulated by the Control of Dogs Order. The order states that any dog in a public place much wear a collar bearing the name and address (including postcode) of its owner.

The easiest way to do this is to engrave the details on your dogs collar or on a small ID tag.

What you do not need to display

 The dog owners phone number is not legally required on a tag but it is advised as it will make you easier to contact in an emergency.

It’s also actually recommended that you do not include your dogs name on the tag.

This is because dog theft is an increasing problem in the UK, and if a thief knows the name of your dog they may find it easier to pass them on to an unsuspecting new owner as it can appear that they already know the dog by name.


 It’s also important to know that in from April 6 2016, every dog will have to be fitted with a microchip with the dogs information. Owners will have to register their information to a national database.

Microchipping is a very straightforward process with a tiny chip being injected via a hypodermic needle.

Best of all, microchipping won’t cost you a penny as the Dogs Trust are offering free microchipping across the country!
If you fail to get your dog microchipped once the new law comes into effect in April or fail to keep your details up to date, you could face a fine of up to £500.

You can see the full list of exemptions in the Control of Dogs Order 1992.


 Certain working dogs are exempt from the above restrictions, such as registered guide dogs, dogs used in emergency rescue work and dogs used for driving or tending cattle.

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Favorite Stuffed Animal Toys

The stuffed animal satisfies the kids as well as the adults who are been attracted by the functionality and funny of this toy. And it is considered as the one of the favorite toy designed especially by the kids. Some youngsters also use to possess these type of stuffed animals like teddy bears and also been gifted as the token of affection to their friends. The loved one feels happier when stuffed animal is been presented as gift.  These toys are been provided the facility of cleaning if it gets dirty while playing with it. The manufacturer provides all the safety and cleansing information in order to maintain the toy good looking and everlasting. And it is suggested to clean the stuffed animal using the drier or even with a washer.  Or even soap is also recommended to wash these toys.

These toys do not have the legs and is designed or make it walk able using some technical terms. And prior to washing of these toys it is recommended to check whether there is a loose component which may get destructed while washing. These are concerned with special care so that it exists for a long period of time.  Many uses pet animals to design the stuffed animal toy.  The sizes of the toy vary with the size of the animal which are been preferred to design.  Puppies look cute to make it as toy and they are been attracted by the children and it is favorite. Each and every kid possess at least one toy of it and sometimes become it as a hobby for person to collect it. For the occasion it can also be gifted to make the recipient happier.

This stuffed animal is concerned as the versatile gifted item.  It is also used as an decorative item for the house and even in the four wheeled vehicles this toy is been used as an decorative item sp that it adds beauty to the surroundings and room. Even the reptile figures is also been designed as a stuffed animal. The cost of this stuffed animal is been is emptive depending on the size and quality of the toy and music system is been installed then it takes additional cost.  And it is the attractive toy admired by the childrenFind Article, youngster and the adults who like very much and the pets are been admired easily by them. Cartoon figures are also been used to make as the stuffed animal and the kids play happily with these toys and enjoy themselves.

Successfully Crate Training Your Dog

You need the right dog storage locker man equipment and patience to successfully crate train your dog. You have to develop a plan of action and stick to it. Consistency is the only way it will work. Your dog is going to want to please you, so through simple commands and positive reinforcement, you will accomplish your goal. The crate can be used for your dog to sleep in, when you need them to be away from others in the household for a bit, or when you transport them.

You want your dog to be comfortable in the crate so they don’t whine or try to get out. You need to start them out with a short period of time and then build up to several hours at a time. At night, you can keep them in there until morning as long as they are old enough not to have to go to the bathroom through the night. The crate can be a great way to help with potty training because dogs aren’t going to use the bathroom in their sleeping quarters.

The Right Size

You need the right size of kennel for your dog. There are various sizes, so take your time to pick out something that works for them at that point in time. As your dog grows, you may need to change the doghouse to a larger one. Ideally, the dog should be able to stand up and lie down in it. They should also be able to turn around in it.

If the crate is too large, your dog isn’t going to feel safe inside it. They need to have a cosy area to be secure in. If the doghouse is too large, they may use the bathroom in it due to the amount of space. When it is smaller, it is very unlikely they will do so as long as you take them out regularly to do their business.


Find a quality crate to invest in, otherwise it isn’t going to last. You will find them made from a variety of materials. Most of them are made from metal and you should put a blanket, dog bed, or towel on the bottom to give your dog plenty of comfort. Others are made out of plastic, but if you get one, make sure it has plenty of circulation for fresh air to enter. There are pop up crates too, but they are best used only for transporting your dog and not for daily use.

What to Put Inside

You don’t want to have too much inside the crate with your dog. Place a small amount of food in there and a tiny bowl of water. Put these in the back area where the dog won’t be likely to step in them or accidentally spill them. Add a few toys to keep the dog entertained. Put in a good fitting towel or bed for them to lie down on. You may find your dog sleeps better at night if you use a blanket to cover the outside of the crate too. visit storage locker man dog for more information

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